Technical Information  
Austal Ships - Euroferrys Pacifica
Western Australia  (2 Jul 2001)

One of the world´s largest builders of high-speed ferries by volume delivered, use Citect for it´s redundancy and flexibility.
Supplier to McDonald´s
Farlo - Sweden  (13 Mar 2001)

Quality, consistency and traceability are the key requirements for McDonalds´ suppliers.
Mining Operation
Olympic Dam Expansion
The world's largest SCADA system.

440,000+ Variable Tags with an average Responce Time of 0.014 seconds.
AB and Simatic PLCs interfaced to PMACS, PDL and SQL Servers.
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Information Systems
TeleSAFE SCADA system.

Air Quality Monitoring System uses TeleSAFE for control.
Utilities Monitoring
KLCC Project
Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers.

World's Tallest Buildings use TeleSAFE Micro16 for Utility Monitoring.